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"The Process" Earth, Wind, Fire EP Trilogy Pre-Order

“The Process” allows you to be part of the creative process for the Earth, Wind, Fire EP Trilogy.  You will hear Eric's ideas and demos (including songs that may not make it on the EPs).  You will be part of an exclusive group that experiences the music first!  With this Pre-Order, you will receive:

  • A digital download of the first single “Million Dollars” (within 24 hours)
  • A digital download of the “Earth” EP (by March 21st)
  • An autographed physical copy of the “Earth” EP (by April 14th)
  • A digital download and hard copy of the “Wind” EP (before the July release) and the “Fire” EP (before the October release)
  • Weekly Music updates via a private SoundCloud page where you can hear the music that is created each week (starting March 22nd)
  • Monthly Facebook Live sessions with Eric Roberson
  • Private Facebook Group to talk with other members about the album’s progress
  • Exclusive discount offers on future merchandise